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The Cling Workbench finds and displays UPnP compatible devices on your local network, and allows you to control and monitor the device's services.


  • Automatic discovery of all UPnP devices, browsing of all device and service metadata such as actions and state variables.
  • Extensive logging options for learning UPnP and how devices communicate.
  • Generic invocation of service actions with input and output argument handling, full support for event subscription and notification.
  • A Service Provider Interface (SPI) for custom UPnP control points, write custom UIs for UPnP services and activate them with a click on "Use Service"
  • Built-in generic control points for MediaRenderer and MediaServer browsing and control, Samsung TV messaging, InternetGatewayDevice NAT port mapping editor, etc.
  • Optional HTTP Gateway and WAN Bridge, access your devices through a web-client, discover and control UPnP devices in different LANs.
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Cling Workbench is Free Software, distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.


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